By David Nelson(The most promising teenage writer i have met this year)

As the trumpets blow to indicate the start of music season
I can’t resist the temptation
First comes the script, a masterpiece of wonder
Then come the hours of mastering and ponder
Later the glee, from words well crammed
Finally we, for the festivals are armed
To face competition wherever it might be
To lay our preparations on the alter for thee
Armed with our solos and chorales and dance
Armed with the hope of the nationals to chance
Mister Adjudicator…

As swift as the wind, your pen sure does note
As I show case the best of the verses I wrote
I cry through the sorrow and dance through the glee
But little attention do you have for me
I sing till my voice turns hoarse as you write
I dance till my knees know not which way is right
But through all this effort your pen sure does note
Note judgement for the best of the verses I wrote

Then comes the climax, I give it my all!
Later, the clapping from the audience in the hall
Some in full cheer of the art put on stage
Some in full jeer appalling for their age
But through all this frenzy your chin never rises
Diligently so, you award the prizes
A mark for eloquence, two for articulation
With a face tough to read you sieve and you ration
Ration my fate with your pen and your paper
As sweat pours in plenty, my face drenched in vapor
Mister adjudicator…

Then take to the stage, competitors my age
They gracefully move through their stanzas on the page
I fear the outcome for now  I must survive
This shark tank of talents indeed that do thrive
And then comes the moment of reckoning, you stand
The finalist’s identities you hold on your hand
We squirm in our seats our breath batted still
We wait for the hammer you will drop by your will
Mister adjudicator…

In ascending order you accord us our fame
I gasp in glee as you read out my name!
A winner you have made me and I can only but wonder
How did you see me on stage from down under?
From under your gaze as you wrote in remembrance
From under your smile as you enjoyed my performance
But grateful I am for this chance to fly
To fly on these wings that you gave me, so high,
Through the sky,
Thank you,
Mister Adjudicator….