Lessons from a Master in Photography….@PAWA 254

Literary Chronicles


Chronicles of a photojournalist

the teacher appears

The boy gathered all the courage he could find within his tiny frame and opened the hardwood door.

Drawing in a deep breath, he smiled at the receptionist exposing a perfect set of white teeth. ‘I am here to see the Managing director, ‘he said staring straight into her well made up face.

The girl calmly put down her pen, looked up and gave him a long scrutinizing stare, ‘which of these men do you want so see?’ She asked in a not-so-convinced voice, pointing at large portraits on the wall,’

‘ that one in spectacles,’ the boy said, pointing at a big framed bespectacled guy with a camera hanging over his neck, ‘he gave me an appointment, I am a professional photographer,’ he added more to himself than to her.

‘Okay, go in, she said dismissively to the…

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