Sex appeal Vs intellect, What Really Sells Chimamanda


Marketing; the Mountain that Still Stands Between Many kenyan Writers and Success
A friend and I recently went into a heated discussion as to what really sells Chimamanda  between her talent and sex appeal. My friend thinks she is pretty talented. I am convinced Chimamanda’s amazing book sales are dependent on many more factors than just her brains and talent. She is one of very few African writers who’ve taken   image management very seriously.
If F. Scott Fitzgerald and his beautiful southern Belle wife Zelda wholesomely represented the spirit of the jazz age (success, youth and glamorous living. ) then Adichie is their modern day counterpart, encapsulating all the three qualities and still managing to be the  intellectual voice of her generation.
Like a good marketer, and every writer needs to be one, this Nigerian girl knows that, even to scholars, image is everything
 Let’s face it, since time…

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