Opinion:So what if I am a six?

Literary Chronicles

By Gloria Mwaniga

Obviously, civilization   brought with it a fair share of trouble for our otherwise nice and simple male species. From Dolly Parton’s very generous bust, to Shakira’s hips, Angelina Jolie’s lips and Serena Williams’ bountiful legs. I believe  the brothers’ share of  trouble was  just as fair  without adding a number line to it (and this has absolutely nothing to do with my long standing love hate relationship with math).

Whoever came up with the female grading system to determine attractiveness?

‘My woman has to be an eight,’……

‘I can only date a seven’…blah blah blah…

You keep hearing this everywhere, from the net to the radio and the streets. If you are one of those females who worried that you would forever be cast to a gloomy dungeon of solitary confinement because of this, help me ask this question, I am a…

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The 24th Dimension :Confessions of a 24 year old chai-holic

Literary Chronicles

By Gloria Mwaniga

The Mayans have already succeeded in casting a certain degree of gloominess over twenty twelve, this would be bad   enough, except some un-known forces decided it wouldn’t be so for me.  Not without my doctor.

Like a good story, it began on the eve of the New Year. The Saturday before the Sunday that ushered in the leap year that ends on December 21st. I knew from the moment   I rolled out of bed that the bacteria’s in my body had made a resolution to fight me to some bitter end which was still unknown to me then. Even so, my friends’ plea to take me to the nearest hospital was met with indifference on my part. I didn’t take sickness too seriously; after all, no one in my family is a doctor,

As you may be aware, the office in January, especially with…

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A Kenyan Mid-December Youthful Dream

Literary Chronicles

By Gloria Mwaniga.


Adios 2012

Elvis Presley sang, ‘who can tell when summer turns to autumn’ and so it is with you. You didn’t even notice when Jan turned to June then July and now December.

Little ambers of hope are still aglow in that noble heart of yours.

These years’ resolutions only remain little stained ink drops on a white sheet of writing pad on the 2012 diary you bought at the catholic bookshop.

It’s rather true that things didn’t really work out that well. But ngoja tu! Next year, you’ll see.

2013 is the year.

It started with a New Years’ Resolution.

Just for the record, damn New Year resolutions.

They have never worked.

For one, you are still at your old job and every morning feels like a visit to the dentist.

Then, you had planned to save much much more this…

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