A dumb country soul I am.(Yet he still loves me so).

When I open my mouth to speak

Often the words dry halfway up,

And what I say usually isn’t what I wanted to say,

For I am but a dumb ole country soul.


When it comes to society,

My dumbness there I show,

Can’t seem to piece the right conversation

Or speak with grace and poise ‘prop’ly’


I pressed my dress and stockings once,

And looked mighty fine,

But when I mixed with that high crowd

My knees gave way and knocked

And all I could say was a quaky ‘hello’


I dig up old Billy Graham Sermons and tear as I listen,

I hum along to old Jim Reeves, Bill Gaither and Hymn knolls,

Quiet country life and simple existence are to me a Seventh Heaven,

Country tunes and old time religion leave me dreamy.


Just dumb enough to trust the Lord, I pray,

Though every so oft I want to change,

I wouldn’t mind if I remained but just,

A dumb ole country girl,

with Jesus in my heart.


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