from Zuma’s Malawi trip, to Obama’s Eavesdropping Democracy ; to Africans Boycotting the 2018 Moscow World Cup; to Gagging East African media and banning Female Driving in Saudi Arabia, this has been quite a week.

Political This and That of the week that Has Been.

• Zuma; This is Jo’Burg Baby!

Last week started off pretty interesting, with South African President Jacob Zuma finding it wise to remind the attendees at an ANC conference on road construction between Jo’Burg and Pretoria that they could not ‘afford to think like Africans in Africa generally, ‘this is Johannesburg, it’s not some national road in Malawi.’ Said Zuma. Judging by their loud laughter, his audience must have found the comment terribly witty but not the rest of Africans, more so Malawians who immediately demanded an explanation for the not-so-flattering-statement.

• USA, The Democratic Eavesdropper.

Speaking of burgs, Obama and his democratic state found themselves in trouble thanks to Edward Snowdens’ fresh dose of Weekly-Leaks. Apparently the USA has been spying on its Allies and tapping phone calls of top officials in other countries. So senior were those whose phones were being bugged that some EU members, France and Germany included, are on their way to a meeting with the US officials to discuss way forward. Okay, so what’s the USA’s obsession information?
The USA is excusing itself and claiming they were doing that for ‘security reasons’. Gulp! Could there be a remote chance that the USA is the ‘itchy ears’ version of Barbara kimenye’s itchy Fingers character in The Moses Series?

• Should African Players Boycott the 2018 Moscow World Cup?

After a match during which he was racially abused and called a monkey, A not-so-please Yaya Toure gave a press conference and vowed to talk to African players to boycott the 2018 world cup in Moscow if nothing was to be done about racism during matches.
Guess we will have to wait and see how that goes…
On the other hand, I’d urge Yaya to relax and let the matter slide, after all, In a country where temperatures are so cold that citizens have to stay on spirits to warm their bodies, ones heart is bound to be freezing cold too, right?

Meanwhile, in the east, a Chinese journalist confessed to accepting bribes and writing fake stories about particular companies. Now that doesn’t add up to the so called creativity in journalism, does it?
• Ugandan Army Selling Firearms to the Al-Shabaab ??Huh

Some wise man might have said ‘keep thy friends close and thy enemies’ closer’ but I am convinced he didn’t mean it as literally as the Ugandan arm of the AMISOL is said to be doing.
So, it is alleged that the Ugandan Army in Somalia is selling guns and weapons in the Somali black-market, to the very people they are fighting. The hell??

As if that isn’t enough, Ugandan solders are eating stale food because some commanders have decided to activate their entrepreneurship skills and put a price tag on the food they are to give their solders.Huh?

So, things are so thick that 24 top officers and soldiers have been suspended pending investigation…..

• Media Freedom in a Democratic Africa, Indeed!

Since the Kenyan government is quick to spend millions celebrating 50 years of independence, we need to ponder and ask ourselves, independence from what?
In an attempt to answer this question, one wonders why on earth one Inspector General David Kimaiyo wants to take us back to the dark ages by gagging the media.
So, the good army boys were caught ‘live’ on the CCTV cameras walking into the Nakumatt Westgate Shopping Mall with guns and walking out with paper bags. To save face, KDF should have out rightly injected the musician Shaggy’s wisdom ‘it wasn’t me’. That would have worked far better than that claiming that the good army boys were carrying bottled water in the paper bags. What was that? The Majimaji war?

The beloved father of our nation is right to support kimaiyo and tell us to ‘keep off his army boys’; these boys who are so patriotic that they broke safes and took away money for safeguarding, then turned it in to the owners after the fifteen-or is it four bad guys were shot dead-or escaped through a tunnel discovered days later.
What selfless boys?

A few kilometers away, the Somalia government just shut down two radio stations in Mogadishu . One of which is deemed the largest independent media house in that country. Now, the reason the Somali government gives for this not-so-noble act is that the media house is occupying the government building illegally. Has the Somali government ever heard of the word ‘Eviction Notice?’Who knows?

Meanwhile, on Friday as BBC’S news-day presenter Shaima khalil (whose job I want terribly) gathered 100 women in their offices in London to talk about all topic women talk about; motherhood vs career, FGM, politics, activism et al, Saudi Arabia women were pondering just how to defy the new rule that bans women from driving. Okay so the Saudi State claims it is doing that for the sake of the women; so they don’t toil changing flat tyres and doing other ‘manly’ things male drivers have to do.
To me, that excuse sounds like the breakup line ‘it’s not you hun, its me…….’absolutely ridiculous.

Oh and need I mention that I have spent the week seriously flirting with the idea of changing my name to Lupita? But that’s a story for another day, for now, let me wish the Kenyan-Hollywood diva girl Lupita Ny’ongo all the best……may you win the Oscar m’aam!!


One thought on “from Zuma’s Malawi trip, to Obama’s Eavesdropping Democracy ; to Africans Boycotting the 2018 Moscow World Cup; to Gagging East African media and banning Female Driving in Saudi Arabia, this has been quite a week.

  1. sam says:

    hehehe moses series drove me crazy too.In as much as we love Lupita i still cant understand why she chose to be mexican like our very own kenyan quatari athletes hehehehe she should love us lest we call her our very own kenyan mexican american actress.

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