WIERD WEIRD WORLD NEWS : Glo’s This and That


So Liberia isn’t so liberal after all. Early this week, a close member of President Sirleaf’s government went all out threatening journalists who dared criticize the government. In a press conference with them, he is recorded saying, ‘if you dare criticize us, we will come after you .’

As thought to answer him in a ‘come baby come fashion, Liberian media completely refused to report on government issues . They gave the government a total blackout for a while. Moreover, the newspaper headline the next day had a picture of a gun titled government facing a pen called journalist. Ouch!

Now there is a smarter way that serikal should have used. For one, they should have borrowed from our dearest neighbor one Jakaya Kikwete famously known to Tanzanian Youth as ‘Jay Kay’ who on being criCIzed by the youth , termed them ‘unpatriotic ’ . Perhaps this would have madde them feel a bit guilty.
However, because its rather late for that, lemme throw in a word of advice for you Sir and Mrs. Sirleaf; ‘If you rattle a snake, it will bite you.’


In a rather unfortunate ending to a coming of age ceremony, 20 boys have died in an initiation school in South Africa. These young boys are usually taken to a forest to undergo the transition to manhood together.

Just last year, 50 other boys died at a similar initiation ceremony. There events are carried out by cultural entrepreneurs who do it for a profit. Maybe the South African government needs to intervene and prevent these unfortunate occurrences. And the children should be taken to proper hospitals and then undergo the ceremony after they are healed. Anything, to save the large number of young lives lost.


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