If someone was to strongly oppose the flamboyant renovations that are being done to the stadium that will host the coming world cup in Brazil, You wouldn’t expect it to be an ex football star turned politician. However, that is exactly what Rimario Dsouza , the president of Brazils’ committee for tourism and sports, is doing. He argues that the 2 billion dollars being spent on the renovations of the world cup venue should be spent on more ‘important’ issues like education and health.

Now if it was any of the Kenyan politicians speaking, then we would have easily dismissed them as just busy payukaing’ but Romario is a very well respected MP with the best attendance record in the Brazilian Parliament.

It would be of use for you to know that in the past, Romario was an absolutely adored player. He was so famous that international media houses referred to him then as a football god.
When he quit football and decided to join politics, many people dismissed him as a ‘blonde’ who was addicted to fame and didn’t know the first thing about politics. However, he proved them wrong by working so hard and clearly emerging as a top notch achiever even in politics.

Romario says that his inspiration to join politics was when a child close to him , was born with down’s syndrome . this made him spend a lot of time in the company of parents and older relatives. ‘I then realized that these people had no one to represent them.’ He says.
He was very good on the pitch, he is even better in the Brazilian august house. D’souza has proven that he wasn’t an empty headed footballer .

David Beckam, since you also recently retired from football, are you reading this?


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