So former England captain and Manchester United’s fly-est name David Beckam; who has won 115 trophies , has hang up his boots. Beckam, also a renowned ‘fashionista’ announced this week that he is retiring from the sport and leaving Manchester United, twenty years after making his début as a footballer for the team.

Most of his fans (some not even football fans) termed him a charming personality with good looks, qualities that made him a brand ambassador for many products.

The husband of former ‘Spice Girl’ and fashion sensation Victoria Beckam aka ‘posh spice’ is estimated to have a net worth of 250 million dollars. Last year alone, he earned 46million dollars.
Together, the dream couple is worth about 600million dollars.
His coach said that when he saw a young Beckam, he knew the boy would succeed because ‘ David was desperate to make his début as a footballer.’

His new career.

Beckam is now China’s new ambassador for developing and promoting football.
One word from me to him; from an old spice girls’ song, ‘Viva Forever’ Immaculate David Beckam.


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