Mzalendo where are you?

To think that a duel-by-ballot would square out the differences amongst the Kenyan MPs is like to wish away hunger; both simply cannot happen. If you have been following the Kenyan parliamentary proceedings live like I have , then you will agree with me the that the august house proceedings are one word. Sickening.

Not only are the not –so-honorable petty, but they are also very busy squaring their political differences at the expense of the ordinary mwananchi.

Some of them, in what seems like a newfound euphoria for comedy and entertainment are determined to cracks jokes and make fun of everything. If we wanted comedians in the house, we would have gladly voted for Churchill (Dan Ndambuki , at least his jokes are funny and original¬)

This week Tuesday , they spent hours arguing about how an interviewee although extremely qualified , stammered and looked at them with ‘bad eyes’. As if this wasn’t enough, one of them called a fanatic by one of his ‘opponents’ replied that at least he was a fanatic of a sitting president and not a loser.

On Wednesday, a particular MP called the members of the opposing side ‘cows’ and yet again on Thursday, another MP told his opponent to go for a pilgrimage to Mecca because of the pigs that were slaughtered outside parliament by the civil society. Regrettably, all this is happening when the said members are to be discussing very serious issues of national security because most parts of the country are experiencing serious security problems.

One clear thing is that the government and opposition sides are still on each others neck. Trying to outdo each other and prove their language prowess. I wonder where Mzalendo and his hate speech team disappeared to after suffocating us with oh-i-love-my-country-and-my –neighbour messages in March. Shouldn’t they be closely monitoring this politicians whose utterances are only deepening the divide among Kenyans? or are they waiting for the next election period to remind us on the importance of being wazalendo?

And to think such people want their salaries raised is just despicable. That they need more bacon for their families is almost laughable.


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