I DO’ Temporarily, Take You’

Wanted; a short-term wife.

If you thought the last and seventh wonder of the world was the hanging gardens of Babylon, you were gravely mistaken.
Currently, the British Muslims have decided to try out temporary marriages before they finally ‘settle’ on the one. In the new arrangement, a man gets a short term wife, stays with her, enjoys conjugal rights, samples her cooking and finally searches his heart to see if she is ‘the true one’.
Some Shia scholars, absolutely in defence of the marriages’ say that this sort of arrangement fits in perfectly with the western upbringing.
‘Let the young ones take time to live with the person and now if they truly love them’. they say.
Realistically how many people will , like Phil Collins, sing that ‘I see your true colours, that’s why I love you so don’t be afraid to let them show!

My Take.
My Kenyan self thinks this is absolute madness.

1. For one, how many males in their right minds will bother to think of putting a permanent ring on your finger when he’s already enjoying the ‘cooking and the cookie? Honestly?

2. Secondly, how on earth do you introduce this creature to your Mum. ‘Mummy this is my temporary hubby (please note that the word husband is translated to mean cows and goats and dowry in Kenyan shillings.)

3. Thirdly, what will you name and where will you take the ‘Temporary babies’ who pop up when the girl decides you are the one and you haven’t yet decided if she is?
4. What sort of ring signifies a temporary marriage and on which finger is it worn? Gumba? ChaKati?, Cha Pete? or Kadogoo?

5. How about a ‘temporary’ wedding and temporary dowry paid to the girls’ parents?
If I was Njagi the town monkey, I would surely box my ears to confirm that I am surely not dreaming!!


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