Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

Gloria Mwaniga.

Its already here.

If you love it as much as I do, then you are already experiencing the warmth, the magical love and need to be near family and friends.
You could also be experiencing the justifiable urge to go shopping. And it’s just the perfect excuse to decorate your house, repaint and even put pretty wallpaper.
Thank God Christmas comes every year!
And because it does, here are some traditions that will keep it as evergreen as the proverbial Christmas tree!

Put up a Christmas tree in your home.

Growing up in the nineties, my siblings and I always went tree hunting and came back home with a cypress tree that would be quickly decorated with xmas lights, cotton wool(to represent snow) a star at the top(it’s what led the wise men to the baby Jesus) and of course gifts at the bottom.
We would then switch off the light and giggle as we watched the changing colours of the Christmas tree and listen to dad’s stereo play Jim Reevesa Elvis, Bonny M and Dolly Parton Christmas carols as we waited amid grumbling stomachs for the chapattis mama was cooking to reach the table.
These days,you need not go tree hunting. Just for a few hundreds, you could go home with an artificial Christmas tree .

Sing Christmas carols.

Forget the orchestra.
A bunch of family and friends gathered in one place and singing along to the classic Christmas carols is the most heart warming choir you will ever heat.
Better still, old songs like ‘the first noel’ and ‘oh Christmas tree’ do bring out the festive mood.

Exchange gifts with friends and family.

Gifts might not be your love language according to Gary Chapman’s book ‘ The Five Love Languages., but truthfully, it is a language that all of us humans love and understand well.
Just the thought that someone went out of their way to look for something that would suite you and spent to get it for you reminds you that no matter how crazy your year has been there are those people who would go out of their way to make you happy .
This is heartwarming.
This tradition is a reminder of the gifts that the three wise men brought to the infant Jesus .

Giving money or Gifts to those in Need.

Jesus said ‘ you will always have the poor among you.’ This is true even today. No matter how hard you have been saving this year, it wouldn’t cost you so much to reach out to a needy family and help them enjoy the festivities too.
You could invite a lonely neighbor or kid over to join your Christmas lunch or dinner.
Visiting with the poor, sick and hungry will not only warm their hearts but your too.

Go to church on Christmas eve or Christmas day.

You can be sure of a few things.
Beautiful carols will be sung. A brief sermon preached on the birth and meaning of Christmas, and little kids will perform a skit on the birth of Christ. The choir will sound magical and the beautifully decorated church place will take your heart right into the meaning of Christmas.

Old Movies .

If you are into old movies like I am, then you have one more reason to enjoy the festivities.
Most TV stations do bring classical Christmas movies over this period. Alternatively, you could visit your local video library and borrow a number of them(the library guys definitely have a collection and they could even suggest some movies to you.)
Among my favorites are ‘Home Alone, Lost in New York.’ White Christmas and The Sound of Music.


Know Your Months : December..

This is the last month of the old Roman year.

It is popularly known as the winter month or holy month because of the Christmas holiday that falls here.

Saints day:
December 25th : Christmas day.
December 29th: St. Thomas Day.
December 31st: New Years’ Eve.

Quote of the Month.

“Men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives.”

William Shakespeare quotes (English Dramatist, Playwright and Poet, 1564-1616)

A December Poem.

Bounce buckram velvets dear,
Christmas comes buy once a year,
When it comes it brings good cheer.
And when it’s gone, it’s never near


The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) has partnered with PAWA 254 to conduct an art competition entitled “Sanaa Bora Art Competition: Positive Transformation Through Banking”. The initiative will see the umbrella body of the country’s 43 commercial banks source mixed media pieces that will be showcased at the Association’s headquarter offices situated at the International House building, in Nairobi.

KBA approached renowned non-profit organisations to partner with, and narrowed down to PAWA 254. Through PAWA 254, KBA will implement the art competition that will target youth across the country, with an emphasis on drawing the best talent out of underprivileged communities.

The winning 15 pieces will be selected by a panel of judges while members of the public will have their say by voting via social media for the “People’s Choice” award winner. The overall winner will receive Ksh50,000.00 for first place, Ksh30,000.00 for second place and Ksh15,000.00 for third through 15th place. The award categories are youth (13 years to 18 years), amateurs and professionals.

For more information, visit:

The competition website:

Facebook page:

Twitter Page: