MY Crazy World Today Revolves Around Assange,Killer,South Africa Policemen, Badluck Jonathan,Miguna and Zuckerbag.

Gloria’s Top news for the week.

He is back. Bigger and nastier than ever. He just dismissed Kenyans as ignorant people who speak without having the whole truth. He says Philip Ochieng is a joker who went planting children in North America and coming without a degree.
Is this guy brilliant or just plain arrogant?


This guys life has become like a TV drama.
He pulled an Okoiti Omutata by running into the Ecuador embassy building in Britain to avoid arrest by the police and refusing to get out. That was in June, so basically, he has stayed inside the embassy building for 2 months.
on Thursday, the good Ecuadorians(bless their heart) decided to offer him political asylum after he was disowned by his own country.
Then the Britons decided to go the Migingo way by declaring that the embassy belonged to the Ecuadorians but they are in the British soil and if Assange dared get outside the building, they would arrest him. Furthermore, they have denied him safe passage out of Britain. This therefore means two things;

Assange can borrow Jason his invisible coat and wear it out of Britain.(Jason is a character in the greek myth Jason and the golden fleece; he had a coat that when he wore, he’d become invisible )
God forbid; Julius Assange will have to spend the rest of his life inside a building; this is technically house arrest.


This is a sad sad tale . the 58 year old British was an active and fun loving person. However, he suffered a stroke that has left him paralysed completely. He can only communicate through flipping his eyelids. He is begging the government to allow doctors to drug him to death but the law doesn’t allow for that provision. He wants to die to end his misery and he cried so much when a court denied him this yesterday.
Is it not up to a man to determine his death day?


You just need to see this clip on BBC tv news to understand how repulsive it is.
A group of policemen queue up and just open fire to some unarmed mine workers on strike.
There are bodies strewn on the ground and the policemen are still holding their guns up.
What impudence!


Mr. Goodluck’s name is not bringing him any good luck. Remember during the World Cup a couple of years ago. His team didn’t win so he banned the football team for a while.
And he is at it again!
After spending 13 millions on world cup preparation, Nigeria won absolutely no medal.
So, the enraged Goodluck has ordered an overhaul of the sports sector after its worst performance in a long time.
Pole Jona, even we in Kenya are suffering the same fate.


Zuckerbag should be enjoying his honeymoon.but lo and behold, he is cracking his head.
Facebook prices have been falling low and low and as at yesterday, they had fallen by 40%since they began trading in May.
And you think marriage is supposed to be easy the first few months??


Lots of wonders. The president and prime minister of Zim are discussing the draft constitution.
Some of the issues are:
Devolution and creation of county government.
Dual citizenship.
Reduced power of president.
For any Kenyans, the above points are all painfully familiar.
I await with baited breath to see if old Rhodesia will buy oranges and bananas or even have their parliamentarians naughtily trying to change some clauses; after all Zim ni karibu na Kenya.


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