New Trends# : How to Wear Male Shorts to a Kenyan Office on a Casual Friday.

Gloria Mwaniga.

They have finally arrived, after all this is twenty twelve.
They are known as smart shorts and soon you will see most of the fashion-conscious males in your office wearing them.
After wearing jeans and t-shirts faithfully ever since the introduction of the casual wear on Fridays, the Kenyan man will soon be rocking a new look.

Smart shorts are the new ‘official’ shorts being worn to the office these days.

Ground rules: please remember;

1. Choose the right pair. Think of them as a shorter version of a suit trouser. Solid color, dark and decent .
2. Keep it simple.
3. Wear with a polo shirt, a navy blazer or any other decent top.
4. Pick a simple and right shoe for it.

What of if you have Thin chicken legs?
Don’t worry. You too can wear the short.

Just remember to:
1. Downplay the shorts.
This means avoid wearing it with something that will emphasize your leg size e.g loose t-shirts and big hoods, this will only emphasize your thin legs.
2. Choose shorts that fit your size. this will ensure a balance
3. Wear light colored shorts
4. Go for longer shorts; just below the knee. So that you just show a little leg.

There’s nothing as eye catching as a guy wearing the right pair of shorts in a dull office on a Friday. So, go ahead. Be the trendsetter there. Please note that this shorts don’t have to be worn with sandals and a strap bag. Just add
In a little personal style and creativity.

After all, you don’t really have to have Thierry Henry’s well muscled leg to pull this off.


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