My Uhuru Wife.

Mwaniga Minage..

In the dark,
She stands
An Illumination of the moons’ mystery,
Caught up in misery,
My fair furious lady

Her stylish dress,
A culmination of the vanity
That fills her narcissist heart
That I won over,
Because of my manly charm.

I watch her draw in a breath of the common air
In righteous indignation she heaves,
Spreading sparks of fury
That burns the fires in my loins.

Her chest moves in and out,
As she consumes the cheap free oxygen
And stares at me right over,
As though I,
Could use some of the carbon monoxide she exhales.

She says the reason she hates me so,
Is because she found me in another girls embrace,
But with a temper like that,
Who really is to blame?


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