Rita’s Mistake

Written By Gloria Mwaniga.

The promulgated Kenyan constitution states that: a marriage is a union between two adults of sound mind.
This was not entirely true for my friend Rita. For one, her fiancé Roba was drunk and hence not of sound mind on their wedding day. Having downed several mugs of the famous local brew yokozuna during his stag party. (Otherwise known as the funeral of bachelorhood).
True to the name, it was a funeral of sorts because two of Roba’s friends had died and three others, including Roba himself had lost their sight. Luckily for them, they had been rushed to the Kangemi health center before the poison could get into their system.
Truth be told, it was actually Roba’s fault because he is the who had requested mama Achieng’ to alter the ingredients of the drink and make a ‘special brew’ for the occasion.
Rita heard the news later on in the evening. She and her girls were busy being taught how to please their husbands. The main speaker, one Miss Zainabu, had been hired all the way from the coast. On hearing the bad news, the session had been promptly postponed till further notice.
Rita needed time alone to cry and contemplate on her sudden change of fortune.
Later that night, in the midst of her tears, many thoughts had passed through Rita’s mind.
For one, she had contemplated leaving Roba. The only thing that kept her from doing so was the thought of going back to her parents’ house. After a month of freedom, space, privacy and good food, she couldn’t see herself going back to her mothers’ scrutinizing stares. Moreover, sukuma wiki and ugali at home wouldn’t beat the Pilau she now cooked on a daily basis.
Another thought that had crossed Rita’s mind was that she could run off to Nairobi to search for a job. The problem with that thought was her Cousin Rebecca’s story. Rebecca hadn’t found a job despite proudly carrying a diploma in business management from the Nairobi polytechnic.
So Rita, afraid of poverty, completely ruled out this option. Besides, Roba was a rich man, a very rich one at that.
So at about 11.30 am on Saturday the 28th of December, on a sunny afternoon, Rita made up her mind to stay with Roba. As she stared at him slightly stagger towards the pulpit assisted by his brother, she prayed to God that she had made a right decision