Namanga Border Land Owners hold their breath as they wait for fair Compensation from the Government.

By Gloria Mwaniga

First there was the formation of the East African Community, a brilliant idea.

Then followed the idea of Construction of One stop Border Post, (OSBP) that will enhance clearance efficiency, ease movement of persons, goods and services across borders, house officials from both sides under one roof speeding the process, even having 24 hour OSBPs to improve efficiency, extremely plausible.

The not- so- great question is, just how much longer are the property owners going to wait before they are compensated?

According to Kajiado Central Member of Parliament Joseph Nkaissery, land for the project was demarcated without proper consultation with the local people, therefore, he argues that the affected people be paid and shown alternative sites to settle on before they are asked to move out.

However, as things are right now, the property owners will have to wait longer as uncertainty clouds the creation of a new lands commission.

East African Community minister Musa Sirma said the plots acquired would be valued according to existing government procedures before owners are compensated to pave way form construction of the (OSBP).
He further added that the valuation will come up with logical estimates on the costs of the land, buildings and other assets on the acquired parcels of land to ensure owners do not end up with losses.

Only last month, the cabinet suspended dealings involving public land until the National Land Commission is set up. But there still are controversy surrounding the Land Bill through which the Land Commission is to be formed.

Under the Land Acquisition Act, it is the land commissioner who has power to appoint a team within twelve months after the publication of the acquisition notice to hold inquiry for compensation claim.

Our prayer for our fellow Kenyans who own that land
May Justice come your way, and may it come soon.


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