Kenyan Ministries fail to spend billions in first half? Is someone sleeping on their job?

Monday February 20th 2012

According to a budget review finding in today’s Business Daily Newspaper, public institutions failed to spend more than 25 billion allocated to them in the first half of the fiscal year.

Which ministries are these?

• Ministries of Provincial Administration and Internal Security: 10.9 Billion.

• Office of the vice president and Ministry of Home affairs: 5.5 Billion.

• Ministry of State

• Treasury.

Do they have a good reason for this?

According to a deputy director of economic affairs at the treasury Mr. Henry Rotich, The very complicated procurement and reporting systems are the reason.

Can’t something be done about this?

What now?

In a country where over half of the population lives in dire poverty and more so with the current economic situation across the globe, could we really afford to let procurement procedures stand in the way of development?

What is more, the slow absorption is happening at a time when the government is struggling to provide funds for urgent projects like preparation for multi- level elections and implementation of the new constitution.

I believe that the areas in Kenya that need development are quite numerous and we cannot afford the laxity of letting money lie away in some foreign bank account as our Ministers spend better parts of their fun-filled days campaigning and lying away in some exotic resort in the Kenyan Coast instead of ensuring hands on implementation of development projects in the country.

Its about time our African leaders realized that time is not a luxury that can be bought.

To the citizens, we cannot just let sleeping dogs lie; we have to wake them up and get our Monies Worth.

Question is, how do we do this?


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