Book Review: 2 STATES: The Story of my Marriage by Chetan Bhaghat

By Mwaniga Minage

Book Review

Title: 2 STATES: The Story of my Marriage.

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Publisher: Rupa Publications, New Delhi India.

Even in modern India, the South doesn’t meet the north, and if they do, it only sparks the differences in their colour, culture and lifestyles.

Furthermore, in modern India, parents still choose life partners for their educated children.

So when Krish, a brilliant north Indian young man joins IIMA, his sole purpose is to obtain a masters degree. The plans are quickly changed when he meets Ananya Swaminathan, a fair skinned southern girl voted the hottest babe by popular vote in IIMA.

Their ‘ just friends’ plan fails and they end up in a steamy love affair which is unfortunately cut shot when, after graduation, they each have to contend with their parents and relatives who are deeply rooted in their cultures.

Will their families ever see eye to eye?

Will Ananya’s family ever accept Krish, who pales in comparison to Harish, their rich choice of a husband for Ananya?

Will Krish’s abusive father who cannot even allow him to watch TV let him marry a woman who is too educated, outspoken and from another state?

Find out for yourself in this modern Romeo and Juliet story set in Chennai and Delhi.

Chetan Bhagat,India’s newest sensation pulls his magic wand again in this fast paced suspense-filled, well constructed 267 paged book.

The vivid description and identifiable events easily introduces writers with non-Indian backgrounds into the homesteads of India and makes them feel at home.

Chetan Bhagat quit his international investment banking career in 2009 to devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in his country. He is He is the author of several bestsellers; Five point Someone,(2004), one night @ the call center (2005) and The three mistakes of my life (2008).

This is his latest book.


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