Watching the sea waves at sunset,
My heart is filled with a deep sorrow,
For a love that was never to be,
My soul filled with tears, unshed,
My heart though sorrowful,
Still swells at the thought of you.

Though my mind seeketh earnestly to forget you’
‘t only maketh me love you more,
Though I pray that time healeth,
This tormented heart of mine,
I know only too well,
That some moments shall remain,
Forever recaptured in my mind.

Just as the sun sets over the mountains,
So did it set over our love,
With the bright orange rays gone,
All that remains is darkness! Nothingness!
Hollowness, in a place so filled before,

They say that love withstands even the strongest waves,
For its strength surpasses all other strengths,
Our love, though real, succumbed to the strong waves,
And was swept away by the tides of time,
Now I must pick up the broken pieces of me,
I must repair the broken wings,
And allow the winds of change to blow through ‘em,
Never again will I let fate play such a cruel joke on me,
No not ever again.


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