In the middle of the forest he stood.
On the wide open green field,
Tall and outstanding,
The only grey amongst the green
Different, and definitely wise,
Because of his agelessness,

Decades came and passed,
Trees and other plants sprout and died;
Because of too much rain,
Or was it wind? Sunshine?

Unmoved by the changing universe,
Unscathed by the seasonal changes,
Watching in awe,
But peaceful in his soul

For on him had sat travelers
To revitalize their strength,
On him Heroes had sharpened their weapons;
Hadn’t it been said that they won the wars afterwards?

To him the creator had bestowed a rare gift,
Something sought after by many a man,
Eternity ….everlasting life,

No fear of death to haunt his peaceful nights,
No humanly feelings of soul restlessness,
Yet many a times he felt emptiness;
He wallowed in a dark dungeon of his,
Many were envious of him
Yet few understood his agony
The anguished cry of a soul lost in solitude

A dungeon
Of solitude
No one to sing to;
No lover to kiss goodnight
Only loneliness,


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