the world was beautiful,

really beautiful.

the ground smelled so nice after it had rained,

and i wished i could eat the sweet smelling soil.

Darkness was welcomed with joy and gladness,

time to play hide and seek .

Sundays were just phenomenal,

Church,music then the incredible Ramayan.

And all of us would be like..’leo tunapika chapo

My flowered and net gorofa dress made me feel like a princess,

never mind it looked exactly like my two sisters’

True lies and Sinbad,the source of my wild imagination,

but mama did not let me watch Wild Rose and No one But You,

that was a program for grown ups ,she said,

but i did get a sneak view of Antonio’s hard chest,

otherwise known as a Six pack this days.

Joy bringers brought so much sorrow,it was so so boring,

hata afathali The album show,

Though my Mzalendo father preffered

Kiini macho and Sanaa Ya Kiswahili,

ati Kiswahili Kitukuzwe.

But soon after I outgrew all that and started reading the newspaper,

Young Nation was such a great read,

But soon,the Pop stop page would disappear,

and if you checked well amongst my exercise books,

next to my Kofa set,

you would find them,

the irregular cut outs pasted in my songbook.

I was becoming,

a teen.



  1. sammy says:

    generation yetu hii
    nilikuwa napenda hizi program infact mama akikueleza kuwa hauoni ramayan na mahabarat afadhali uitishe viboko mwenyewe.

    nimependa article hii sana

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