In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; Psalms 5:3


She hunts for food, after she has hunted down her prey; she will wait till the male has had his lion’s share of about 30kg before she and the cabs come to eat.

It is good to have our priorities right and put first things first.
just like the lioness knows there is no food for her unless the lion has had his share, we aught to know that as humans we cannot have what we want unless we let God have what is rightfully his, after all, we are his creation. A good example is when we wake up in the morning, taking a moment to thank the Lord for a new beginning would be in order; after all, he deserves the lion’s share of our time because he gives us life.


Lord, thank you for this beautiful day, please help me live in accordance to your will, to always be grateful for every little blessing you bring my way and to treat others well, knowing that you come first in my life.


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