He woke up today,
It’s early July,
For once, it was not cold and rainy,
The sun had finally come out,
The dark and cold season was finally over,
It was beautiful…again

She was born in quite a big family,
With noisy and rowdy brothers and sisters,
Lord, she prayed every day,
You know I really wanted a quiet and quiet life,
With the undivided attention of my parents
But now,
She sits at the dinner table and chat with her grown up brothers and sisters
And you can hear the laughter in the walls…
She loves them, her siblings,
For they make her life, beautiful again.

She thought she needed to prove a point,
And so each day she moved from macro to micro minis,
She Flaunted and flirted to get all their attention,
She showed off more than just little leg,
Yet all she wanted, was someone to just show that they cared,
She raved all week long and drunk herself silly,
But in the mornings,
she felt so lost, so alone and so lonely,
She needed something more,
She needed to make her life, beautiful again

He gripped his seat,
Watching business news that evening,
He was really scared,
The economic crunch was so severe,
The share prices had really gone down,
He had lost a million bucks within the blink of an eye,
And worse still,
He was no longer on the Forbes list for richest man in the world,
There was no reason to keep living,
Life was just not making sense anymore,
He had learnt to put his value in money,
So he got up very early the next day,
And went to the top of a building, and jumped off
He didn’t have enough faith and patience to know that,
One day the share prices will go up again,
And even if they didn’t, it takes more than ones financial status
To make life, beautiful again

She knew she wasn’t supposed to be here at all,
Her beliefs and principals didn’t fit in this
But she wanted to have a little fun,
Her MBA project paper was due in a weeks’ time,
And besides, she had her wedding in December to plan for,
But she really needed to network, we all do, ama?
Soon after she was found by the road, her lifeless body strewn on the ground
A young beautiful God fearing girl,
Robbed of a chance, to make her life,
Beautiful again.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to with this new girl at all,
His girlfriend trusted him, she really did,
But his emotions were betraying him
Well, this girl was funny and very friendly,
But he knew she was making advances at him,
He neither encouraged nor discouraged her,
After all, he liked to think that he was as irresistible as she claimed he was,
He savored and enjoyed the stolen moment,
He thought this would make his life beautiful again.

She dated him for the money,
Though she knew he was married with two kids
On the 6 by 8 bed in the lavish 5 star hotel room they had rented,
She stared at his sleeping frame, and felt a rush of nausea,
Her expensive clothes and shoes didn’t matter anymore,
His money was not making her happy at all,
She got the new ten thousand bills he had given her and threw them on the bed next to him,
She walked away,
She felt so empty within,
She was going to look for something,
To make her life, beautiful again…

Maybe it’s because her parents never had time for her,
Or growing up, he put his worth and value in money,
Maybe, she thought she could exchange sex for love,
And for him to prove his worth, he needed someone to pamper his ego,

What he didn’t know was that,
He needed to do nothing to prove he was a man,
That, when God created him, he called him man, and that was enough,

She curled up in her sad lonely state,
Thinking she was all alone in this world,
For she had never heard of the story of the man
Who had given up his life for her and would do it all over again,
If he had to….

We are hurt, we are broken
But yes, he is our peace,
For his divine power has given us everything,
Everything we need for life, and godliness through the knowledge of Him,
who called us out of darkness,
to make our life, beautiful, again.
Mwaniga Minage


One thought on “BEAUTIFUL…AGAIN

  1. margie says:

    beautiful again…tell them….only the truth….


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